Within Cortex you are allowed to use XML code to modify the text output both in the OOC chat and the in game data editor which lets you modify units.

When using XML it is important to know that it has 2 parts, the "open" bracket which marks the beginning point and the "closing" bracket which signifies to cease the effect. Failing to use a closing bracket will cause errors with commands such as !Log.

Basic XMLEdit

There are several commonly used XML modifiers which are useful in a number of ways while not requiring additional input to signify a set format.

  • </n> is used to split a text block, putting all text past it into a new block.
  • < s> can be used to create a smaller text font, when using it remember to put </s> at the end to close the sval bracket.

C ValEdit

Cval is a simple XML code used to color the text within it that follows a simple pattern <c val ="Hexcode"></c>. It is useful when you want to color text but rather not alter the font. Hexcode alows you to use more or less any color. You are however required to enter a hexcode in between the parenthesis.

A simple way to get a hexcode is to use to create a custom color to then insert into cval, for example @Renameall <c val="B86404">“Character Name”</c> renames the unit with a light brown font but it does not alter the shape or size of the text.

S and F ValEdit

F val and S val both modify text font to be another premade font that exists within SCII. It can alter, size, shape and color all at once. This wiki editor is admittedly unsure of the difference between the two in function. They function through <f/s val="Font Name"></fs> (with either f or s rather than both). For example you might to <f val="Kicker_Protoss">Text</f> for a blue text.

These are harder to find and often visually ugly when matched up against other text coming out of @say as they can disrupt the chatbox's size and flow. As far as finding them however you can enter into the map editor and go to the loading screen modification section and begin playing about with the available fonts until you find something you like. A short list has been provided here.

  • Kicker_Protoss : Blue
  • Kicker_Zerg : Orange
  • Lost : Bold Red
  • ErrorDisplay : Thin Red
  • XP_Kicker : Purple
  • Kicker_Refinery : Green
  • EditorOverlay : Massive Text
  • ChallengeVictorySubtitle : Small Teal Text


There is also XML which allows you to place images anywhere you might put text. It functions as <img path="Filepath"/>. You will need to know the file path of the icon or image you wish to use in order to use IMG. An example would be <img path="assets\textures\"/> , which places the decal into the textbox.

Finding these is similar to finding the S and F vals, you can use the insert image option to browse available images and find their file paths.

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