Cortex trolls? They're everywhere right? It seems the answer is quite obvious. The easiest way to deal with trolls is probably to make sure your blacklist is up to date as a host of a lobby rendering their commands all but useless. However, if you are in a public game with them and you are not host, then it is more than likely they will not be disabled assuming the current host does not know how they trolled. 

As for trolls with crash commands, they're a bit harder to deal with. Sure they can be banned or disabled the same way as typical trolls would be, but all they need to do is input their crash string command and it's game over. That lobby is dead. Assuming they attempt to hide the fact that they are trolls, it may be difficult looking through the message log to see what commands were entered. 

Anyways, there will always be troublemakers in any community. The best way to cope with their existence is to remain calm, cool, and collected. Don't let them make you angry just so they have something to laugh at.

-Last updated 7/14/2017 by Kuri. ;)