Throughout the vast landscape of Cortex Roleplayers, there are many Satan Worshippers. These people literally live in dark caves and will announce to the world about their love of Satanity. There are many logical methods to deal with these evildoers in an effective manner.

Identifying Satan WorshippersEdit

Satan Worshippers are easily identifiable from their lack of moral judgment. It is clouded by a haze of Satan's wills and hellfire. However, Satan Worshippers tend to hide their moral viewpoints in order to crawl under your skin and zap you from there. Some good questions to ask potential Satan Worshippers are:

  • What is your opinion on Jesus Christ?

    Typical flouride-consuming Satan loving baby eating anti-christ Kike.

  • Will God, almighty, save humanity from sin?
  • Is homosexuality okay?

These are just a few template questions. Any number of religiously or politically pressing questions should reveal a potential Satan Worshipper's true colors. If you can see the Satan Worshipper, they will usually look like this.

Effectively Dealing with Satan WorshippersEdit

There are many effective methods to safely suppress a Satan Worshipper. Once you have revealed his/her true form, it is time to press the assault.

Heavenly SmiteEdit

Any Demon, Satan Worshipper, doer of evil, etc. will not be able to bear witness to God's almighty power. They will fall before your eyes as the heavenly fires smite those who betray.

Denial of Service (DoS)Edit

Starcraft II is a peer-to-peer (P2P) game, so you can grab the Satan Worshipper's IP and flood it. Of course, this method only works if you have fast upload speed and if you are willing to break the law. Of course, if you live in some nigger shit-hole like Somalia, you can get away with anything. If you live in a majority-white civilized country such as America, doing this is quite illegal. Using a VPN may be preferable.


If none of these strategical tactics worked for you, then you can resort to simple troll commands. Anything that stops the homosexual roleplay from transpiring is an effective method to defeat anti-Christ evildoers.

alias create bad @spawn marine 24;@addweapon cannon;@tint 0 0 0 0;@addbehavior unselectable;@adddamage 9999;@addrange 200;@invulnerable;@speed 200;@addbehavior critterwanderconstant

A good troll command doesn't leave any sign pointing to you. The above command is okay, but the host will see "User spawned 24 invulnerable warpigs with 9999 damage and 400 range". Troll commands shouldn't leave !log isn't, shouldn't be suspicious in the message log, and should generally have no trace back to you. Furthermore, it shouldn't be easily removable, or identifiable for that matter. Satan Worshippers are highly disgruntled from a failed roleplay session.