This is a page housing a tutorial to using the alias command in Cortex Roleplay in order to make an alias that contains of every command with a semi colon.



The alias command has the following arguments.

(Words in parentheses are second argument if any)

[Square bracketed words are the third argument if any]

create list remove
Creates the following alias. Lists all created alias'

Deletes the specified alias.

(Name of alias) none (Name of alias)
[Command string, see semi-colon useage.] none none

An alias can spawn a custom unit like a shortcut. Aliases you made previously carry over into the next match that you play, and can also be used in the creation of other aliases.

For this next example, sp replaces @spawn, att replaces @attach, sc replaces @scale, addwep replaces @addweapon, ms replaces @modelswap and remwep replaces @removeweapon.

alias create mrn1 sp marine 5;ms warpig;att voidrayweapon;sc 0.3;remwep marine;addwep immortal

This, when executed, will spawn 5 marines with the warpig model, using the immortal weapon, with a voidray attached to the barrel of the gun and scaled down.

What not to do.Edit

  • Do not put a semi colon after the alias name, the alias will not be able to be used or removed.
  • Try to not make aliases that may offend users if you misspell it. (ex. newbss)

Notes Edit

Aliases are stored in bank files, causing them to be shared with every other map with the same bank file. For example, Melgenyavik and Stuttburg both use Shefford's bank file, causing any aliases to be transferred between them but not to map using Thrikodias's bank file, like Harrowing Arctic.

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