Since some people find tinting difficult this should help make the command somewhat easier to understand for those so inclined. Tint uses an RGB system to augment the basic color of the unit. This is not its factioncolor but the entire unit.

Tint functions as thus @Tint (Red) (Green) (Blue) (Transparency) (HDR) (Shift time).


Argument Context
(Red) 0-255, decides how much red is in the tint.


0-255,  decides how much green is in the tint.
(Blue) 0-255, decides how much blue is in the tint
(Transparency) 0-1, decides how transparent the unit is. You need to use decimals.
(HDR) -255 to 255, controls what could be coined as 'bloom', in negatives it can create a deep black color all the way up to a silvery white while in the positives it creates a glow about the unit.
(Shift time) #, it dictates how long the new tint takes to fade into effect on the unit.