The host is the player who creates a lobby on a map. If the original creator of the lobby leaves, a new host is chosen by service if another player is present, in this case, a player is chosen at random to be host. If no other players are present, the lobby is shut down.


The host's role in Cortex Roleplay is to set rules and guidlines, enforce them, complete the atmosphere and be a good natured player.

Pros of being the hostEdit

As a host, you will have great power and respect.

  •  !light: Changes the lighting of the map. This can be used to turn the time to night.
  •  !ban: Removes a users units and forces the user to leave the game.
  •  !disable: Disables a users commands, they can still communicate as long as you read the message log.
  •  !enable: Reverts the effects of !disable.
  •  !promote: Gives the corresponding user to the given color access to some commands the host has.
  •  !demote: Reverts the effects of !promote.
  • replaceunit: Replaces the first unit given with the second.
  • replaceeffect: Replaces the first effect given with the second.
  •  !secure: Turns off secure mode. ONLY USE WHEN YOU ARE WITH TRUSTED FRIENDS. Toggled.
  •  !seeall: Allows players to see the whole map. Toggled.
  • @give/@givecolor: You will be able to take the units of all playes, not just neutral and hostile.
  • @attach/@tint/@modelswap/@kill/@remove/@addbehavior/@removebehavior/etc.: Most commands effecting units will be able to be done freely to any and all units.

Cons of being the hostEdit

As a host, you will have great responsibility and expectations.

  • You must keep the roleplay in balance.
  • You must be fair.
  • You must be stern.
  • If you mess up, everybody will notice.
  • You will have to live up to your title of Host.