SC2 Roleplaying

==Welcome to the Cortex Roleplay Wiki==

Cortex is a Roleplay Engine for StarCraft II developed by TheBlackMage/Motive along with several other developers,  based on previous roleplay engines on WC3. Cortex's code is open source and allows for anyone with an update to it to  edit the engine, avoiding the folly of WC3 where there were a dozen separate engines.


Cortex is a massive and extensively used roleplaying game engine for StarCraft II, that allows the player to edit units to their will.

Cortex gives tools equivalent to being in Starcraft II's data editor modify units and doodads on the fly and combines them with commands like @Say that allow for you to weave grand stories amid varied environments.

This wiki shows you different unique commands in Cortex. Visit our sitemap to see our pages.