Tramathir's Trainwreck is a "map" published by alleged person FuhrerStorm (previously LickMyPaws). The map has been in operation since at least a few minutes ago, and has remained one of the least popular Runescape-themed maps for an amount. Previously dubbed Fuehue's Wacky Holocaust Dimension, the map was created as a containment map for autistic children.

Tramathir's Sorrow
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Suggested Roleplay:

Original Characters made out of unrenamed hero units




Gatorkit, Forge, Fantasy Mod, Warcraft Units Mod

Engine Virgin

Cortex Forge Extensions

Revision HistoryEdit

Patches are listed in order of most recent to oldest. Note: This is a list of every change made to the map. Some listed dates may be completely incorrect.

Date Content
Summer 2016 Fuehue loses contact with the entire Cortex Roleplay fanbase, he is presumed dead until weeks later when he is found in a shack in the woods feasting on human flesh. He currently resides in a mental asylum, where recovery is going "not well".
August 2014 Fuehue realizes that this entry has a month but the one above it has a season, and tries to kill himself a 5th time.
 2013-2014 Map reuploaded under the name Anus Fuehue tries to kill himself the first 4 times
2012 Fuehue loses his virginity to his father at the ripe old age of 5